Modular Walls

Great for Tactical Training, Shoot Houses, Mazes, and Battle Arenas

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Modular Walls for Tactical Training

Elevate your tactical training experiences with our innovative Quad Wall Packs. Designed to enhance movement skills, these walls allow users to navigate through spaces efficiently, mastering the art of positioning and utilizing cover effectively. With the flexibility to change the layout for every training session, our walls sharpen reflexes and significantly improve response times. Additionally, they foster the development of quick decision-making skills under simulated stress conditions and enhance the ability to maintain focus and precision in varied and constantly changing scenarios.

Our Quad Wall Packs are also crafted with safety in mind, offering a reliable solution for conducting live-fire drills without the risk of ricochets, thanks to their rugged corrugated construction. These walls are not only practical but also promote a safer training environment. We invite you to explore the benefits and shop our Blue Modular Wall Pack today to take your tactical training to the next level.

Modular Walls for Shoot Houses

Transform any space into a shoot house with our Quad Wall Packs. Offering infinite configurations, our system is suited for a wide range of scenarios, from compact urban settings for close-quarters battle training to extensive multi-room facilities for hostage rescue operations. The versatility of our packs allows for the setup of environments ranging from small houses to large compounds, ensuring that every training need is met with precision. Tailored specifically for law enforcement, military, and private security training, these walls can be quickly and easily arranged, rearranged, and customized to simulate various environments.

Our system can be setup and tore down quickly and is built to last. Made from high-quality, rigid corrugated cardboard, our wall components are durable and reusable, offering a cost-effective and dynamic solution for training environments. Prepare your team with confidence, knowing that our Quad Wall Packs give you the capability to accurately simulate any scenario, enhancing training outcomes and readiness.

Made in USA

Modular Walls for Battle Arenas

Transform your space into the ultimate battle arena for Nerf, Airsoft, and laser tag games with our Quad Wall Packs. Our system offers unparalleled versatility, enabling you to construct solid walls, partial barriers, and any layout you can imagine, perfect for simulating open battlefields or intense urban warfare scenarios. The intuitive design of our wall packs facilitates easy assembly and rapid changes, allowing you to tailor your arena precisely to the dynamics of each game and ensuring an engaging and varied experience for participants.

Designed with both action and convenience in mind, our modular wall system guarantees that your battle arena can adapt to the needs of your game, not the other way around. After the excitement, the components can be quickly disassembled and neatly packed away, offering a space-saving solution until your next adventurous battle. Whether you’re hosting a competitive event or just a fun gathering, our Quad Wall Packs provide the flexibility and ease of use to create a dynamic and thrilling environment for players.

Modular Walls for Mazes

Unlock the potential to build giant cardboard mazes with our Quad Wall Packs, providing entertainment for a diverse audience including kids, teens, adults, and even pets. Our wall packs are perfect for a wide range of venues and events, such as children’s museums, summer camps, church groups, and fundraisers. The assembly process is straightforward—simply fold together the columns and insert the panels into the designated slots. This makes setup a breeze and ensures easy storage when the fun is over, as the panels can be removed from the columns for compact storage.

Each wall segment is 78″ tall and 54″ wide.  Whether you’re aiming to challenge the problem-solving skills of participants or simply provide an entertaining activity, our Quad Wall Packs are the ideal solution for creating memorable and dynamic mazes.

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What’s Included

Each Quad Wall Pack contains eight gray columns and sixteen blue panels, sufficient to construct four wall segments. Each segment measures approximately 84 inches in height and 48 inches in width.

Assembly Instructions

To assemble, fold the gray column components along the pre-creased lines and insert the blue panels into the designated slots on the gray columns.


For storage, it is preferable to keep the wall segments assembled and place them in a secure area. If necessary, you can disassemble each segment back into individual columns and panels for more compact storage.

What's included in a Blue Wall Pack